About Us

Hello and welcome to Bruce Peninsula Apparel Co!

We are a small start-up business run by two Bruce Peninsula locals, Bridget (born and raised) and Quinn (fell in love and stayed). We are regular visitors on the BP and tour the Peninsula every summer for new beautiful scenery and adventures near home. 

We decided to start Bruce Peninsula Apparel Co. in mid-2020 when Ontario put in Covid-19 restrictions and we didn't have the chance to enjoy the Bruce Peninsula as we normally would. We did our best to enjoy the starry skies and stunning swim spots (pictured: Whiskey Harbour), but felt that we could do more to share our love for this hidden gem of Ontario. So, here we are! Making hoodies and tees (and hopefully one day even more) that can share our love and connection to the BP with others. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and join us on this journey! We only hope that we can represent the Bruce Peninsula proudly. 


Love always from Lion's Head

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